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What Factors Should You Consider When Selecting A Tripod?

If you are a big fan of photography then you understand the need of a good tripod and given wide range of tripods available in the market, choices are many but at the same time it becomes difficult to select the best one for your DSLR. If you are searching camera tripod online then there are various choices that you can make. Initially, you will feel that selecting a camera tripod is so simple but then various factors come into play such as the length of the tripod, stability, weight of the tripod and budget.

Before learning more about the tripods, you should know the advantages as well as the purpose of the tripod. Generally, this tool is used to enhance the sharpness of the image and keep the picture stable even in low light. Also, it is very important to use the tripod when applying slow shutter speed.

If you are a professional camera man then weight of the camera may vary for which tripod will be required. Also, if you are using long telephoto lenses the also tripod is required. Tripods are also helpful for increasing the quality of the shots and to shoot various types of shots such as panoramic or HDR that require sharp eye and precision.

Then you can use this stand to take photo of night objects such as the Moon, stars, and planets and so on. Other purposes of the camera are taking self-pictures, taking pictures from very close distance, shoot from various angles and so on. Professional photographers use tripod for landscape photography, sunrise and sunset.

Components of a tripod

It is imminent that you should know different components of tripod before buying one. A typical tripod has legs, head, center column and Feet. Entry level tripods consist of legs, head and may or may not have center post. On the other hand expensive and niche tripods have feet that can be detached and replaced. You should consider various factors while buying the tripod such as weight that a tripod can take. Never, go for the tripods that are very light because while purchasing you will have in your mind that lighter is better but if your DSLR is slightly heavy then it cannot be balanced on the lighter tripod. The thumb rule is that while buying the tripod you should make sure that it is heavier by 1.5 times compared to your camera. 

Secondly, height of the tripod is important and you should make sure that it matches with your height. You cannot take good picture when you have to bent too much as the viewfinder will not be of your level. If the viewfinder is much below your eye level then pictures will not be very sharp and it is possible that it blurs. However, if the viewfinder is above your eye level then it is alright. Weight and construction of tripod are other factors that need to be considered while selecting the camera tripod online or offline depending on how much you wish to spend.

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