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Safe Mosquito Repellent Products Are Risk Free

m-2There are many types of mosquito repellent in the market, and each boast of offering the highest level of effectiveness which is supposed to be higher than the other. The market has a huge competition even in the products designed to kill the tiny mosquitoes.  Only few of them live up to their promises. Some of the very common mosquito repellent products can be easily found in the market.

All Clear Mister, it is one of the most reliable repellent which works in three ways, that is mist, clears and controls to repel and get away with those mosquitoes all within 3 minutes. As per the research reviews, it is observed that about 90 % of mosquitoes gets decreased and gives insects safety up to 6 hours in the vast area that is provided. Above all the ingredient used in this mist is all natural and organic items for its concentrates that makes entirely risk free for the people and pets at home providing natural environment.

The mosquito barrier garlic spray – the mosquitoes do not like the smell of garlic and the get repelled from that area. This garlic spray is very effective as it is capable of driving out the mosquitoes from the vicinity, kill the adult mosquito and finally get rid of the larvae within the standing water. This spray can be sprayed in the gardens to keep the mosquitoes away.

The Natural sprays are the herbal spray which is derived from oils that repel mosquitoes naturally, such as lemongrass oil, eucalyptus, etc. These sprays are recommended for children as it protects them from any harsh effect.

Chemical sprays are much harsher and has a bad smell. Though the mosquitoes go away with the bad smell more effectively which is because of the chemical item DEET being the basic repellent. These chemical sprays are harmful for the children.

ThermaCell mosquito repellent device- this device consists of cartridge which when heated releases allethrin a synthetic replicate of natural pesticide creating a defensive zone which keeps away the mosquitoes from that zone. The effect remains up to 12 hours. This device is a bit expensive.

Mosquito patch- this is yet another system which functions on the transdermal technologies where Vitamin B1 or thiamine which is a natural mosquito repellent is stimulated into the body and when there is excess excreted through perspiration, the smell of the perspiration keeps the mosquitoes at bay.

Travel Electronic Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller, yet another device which can be used while travelling. This mosquito Repeller has an alarm generating device producing sound which is 110 decibels that may be ear splitting thus keeping the mosquitoes away.

It is however seen that all the above mosquito repellents by which ever method tries to keep the mosquitoes away as it is always essential to know whether there are any side effects or no. The device should be kept away from children.

Preventive measures could be considered as far as possible. See that the rooms are dry. The bins are covered and no collected water should be kept open. The mosquitoes breed faster in stagnant water. There should be no water logging in the outside of your house or in the nearby garden. As the mosquitoes are sucker for water. Wherever there is water collected the mosquitoes get developed very fast.  Keep the environment clean and dry.  Using and following some of these preventive measures you can prevent at least 80% development of the mosquitoes.

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