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Hot Tips For Hot Tub Maintenance

Hobbies and other recreational activities, although fun, often require some maintenance and care in order for one to fully enjoy them. For boats, there is descaling and waterproofing below the plimsol line. For cricket bats, and baseball gloves, oil. For motorcycles and cars, careful cleaning and regular mechanical checks. Owning a hot tub is no exception.

The following article briefly outlines a few easy ways that you can care for your spa in order ensure its longevity, and your enjoyment. It is meant as a guide only, and you are urged to read the instruction manual of your particular make and model of machine for any specifications dealing with correct maintenance and operating of the tub. 

Firstly, regular cleaning and maintained spa parts is highly important for a functional hot tub. As the water is pumped and filtered through the pump, bacteria build-up and impurities like dirt and grit can accumulate over time. This is largely unavoidable, especially in cases of tubs that are used on a regular, or commercial basis. To correctly clean this part, ensure that the tub is switched off and drained. Do not power on the pump while there is no water in the system, as air passing through will damage the pump. Simply clean with an all-purpose cleaner (or an hypoallergenic cleaner in the case of a user with sensitive skin). Correctly disinfect the pump, and replace the cover. 

Next, once water is pumped in to the tub, a level of water-borne bacteria and certain types of algae can potentially be present in the tub. Much like a run-of-the-mill swimming pool, spa chlorine is commercially available to deal with this problem. This should not be harmful in most cases, however, in cases of highly sensitive users, there are products made available on the market for those needing hypoallergenic care.

And, lastly, as a general rule while using your spa is not recommended that food or drink are consumed while using the spa. Apart from the uncontrolled source of the food particles, or effect on water pH levels, larger particles may actually cause blockages in the spa pump itself, and may damage the tub in the long run.

Finally, if all these tips are observed, you will enjoy a long-lasting, and fun hot tub experience for years to come. They are great fun and always an attraction when guests stay over, and thus it is worth taking care of this particular hobby.

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