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June, 2013

Why We Need Data Centres

You have likely heard of data centers before, and though their name may seem self explanatory, you might be underestimating what their functions are, and why we need them. Data centers or sometimes known as computer centers are facilities that house computer systems or storage systems. Occasionally they will house communication systems as well. Basically […]

Product Photography for Online Sales

With the advent on online shopping, it’s possible to sell your products to clients all over the world. Whatever you’re selling – whether its clothing, homewares, or plants – you need to have amazing photos to entice the customer to your website and convince them to purchase your products. Here we look at the best […]

Take Another Look at Your Business’ Website

It’s common knowledge that the role played by a company website in promoting a business and facilitating its functioning cannot be underestimated. Given this fact, it never ceases to amaze me how many business’ websites actually create a negative impression of the company. Not only do they make it hard to find out what the […]